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Name control screen rotation
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android Android 5.0
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What is control screen rotation apk?

Control screen rotation apk is an Android application that is used for the control of the rotation of the screen in mobile. This is one of the best applications for those who do not have screen rotation options on their mobile. After downloading and installing this application the user gets a screen rotation control option on the mobile. The user can easily control the screen rotation of the notification bar of the phone.

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Features of this application

  • Prevent the screen from automatic rotation
  • Landscape rotation
  • Reverse landscape rotation
  • Sensor landscape
  • Portrait
  • Reverse portrait
  • Sensor portrait
  • Sensor orientation
    When a device comes without a screen rotation control operation. In such an app, the screen automatically rotates. For that, such a device is the best application. This application stops the rotation of the phone screen. The Android requirement for this app is 4.0 and up. This application is developed by the ah_apps. This application was released in October 2015. This app gets updated for any bugs in the app.

Permission is required for this app
This application doesn’t require a lot of permissions, but some of the permissions required by this app are

  • draw over another app
  • run at start-up
  • Google Play billing services.

This app is an Android application that controls the rotation of the screen of the phone. Some mobile screens auto-rotate and do not have any rotation option to stop the auto-rotation of the screen of the phone. So for this purpose, this application was developed. After downloading and installing this application the user has a screen rotation option in the notification bar of the phone. Now the user can stop the auto rotation screen of the phone. This application is a free version and contains ads. These ads might annoy the user. Over this is a great app to stop the screen rotation.


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