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What is digital wellbeing APK?

Digital wellbeing APK is an Android application that is used for monitoring the routine of the user. This application gets a digital view of the digital habits of the user. That is how much time users spend on social media, how much time the user watches YouTube, how many times the user watches Netflix and all about that. With the help of this application, the user can also set the limit for the different activities on the phone. This app lets the user disconnect from the phone and reminds the user of other activities that the user set in this app. This app has a different mode. If the user sets the focus mode.

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This mode will let the user focus on a specific activity and avoid other distracting apps. With the help of this application, the user can pause or stop other distracting applications with just one click. This user can also make a schedule in this application to reduce the distraction in the game. It is one of the perfect applications to avoid distraction in the daily routine and focus on a specific activity or goal.


It is one of the best applications for students and all those people who are addicted to phones. Phone addiction wastes time and affects the health of the user. For kids and school-going boys who are also addicted to the phone or play different kinds of games. For them this application is Wonderful and this will save them time and improve their performance in life or their daily routine. As I know that excess of everything is bad. So this app limits the user activity on the phone and monitors the user activities on the phone. Download and install this app and save your time.

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