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What is the driver assistance system apk?

It is an Android application for the user. Through this application, the user can record the video while driving on the road. This application has several functionalities like land tracking, anti-collision detection, and speedometer. This application keeps recording the video even when the user leaves this application and starts using another application. This application will still be recording the video and the background of the phone. This application can make a video with a resolution of 1080p. This application has also the functionality of tracking the vehicle in front of the user. This application also shows the speed of the car in kilometers per hour or miles per hour. This application also indicates or detects the approaching obstacle on the road which may cause a collision with the car.

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This application Driver Assistance System Apk is best for car drivers. The main functionality of this application is to make videos while driving on the road and this application also shows the speed of the vehicle traveling on the road. This application also detects incoming or approaching obstacles to the vehicle. Download and install this application. This application will give information about the vehicles on the road and will also save you from accidents.

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