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Name EE35 Film Camera
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android Android 5.0
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EE35 Film Camera APK is an android application. This is a manual camera. The user of this camera can take 1960 black and white pictures. If you want to use this application to capture black and white pictures. Then this is one of the best application for this purpose.   The user of this application can take black and white pictures with the help of this application. The user can convert any picture into black and white version  and convert any photo to the era  of 1960s.

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This application is safe and secure to download. This is a tested version of this application. If your mobile and version is  5.0 and above, then you can easily installed this application on your Android phone.

The user  in this application can  and just the shutter of camera for an automatic photo like selfies. This application has also preset functionality. When the user take a photo with the help of this camera. This application will automatically adjust the light of photos and other setting of the photo.

Editing tools

This application come with different kind of editing tools for photography. The user can adjust light, colour, saturation and other setting of the photos. All the features available in this application are on the professional level.  Such editing tools gives a unique functionality to this application.

Interface of the application

The interface of this application is very easy to use.  This application has user friendly interface.  This application comes with different option to capture photos.


EE35 Film Camera APK is a manual camera application. With the help of this application, the user can capture the 35 mm type pictures. This application comes with the shutter speed adjustment functionality for the  capturing photos and selfies. This application has different editing tools  for photo editing.


Is this application available on Google Play store?

Yes, this application is available on Google Play store.

Is this a paid verion?

Yes this is a paid application.

Is this application safe to download?

Yes, this application is safe and secure to download.


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