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android Android 4.4
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FM radio local radio station

FM Radio local radio station APK is an Android application that is used by Android device users for the local radio FM on their phones. Some people listen to FM radio when they are doing nothing. For such users, radio is one of the best entrainment and also they become aware of the news and the current situation of that local area. All the Android devices do not come with the FM radio app. For this purpose, the user has to download the app.

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We brought this app for the users who want to listen to FM radio. This application is free to download. After downloading, install the application and enjoy your local area FM radio. The user can also have different kinds of news on the FM like sports news, political news, weather, weather news and other news. This FM radio is internet-based. This app is tuned to more than 50000 plus fm radio stations present in more than 200 countries. Other than FM radio this app also provides other features to the user. It is one of the beneficial apps for the user on the phone.

Features of this application

  • Alarm clock
  • sleep timer
  • shortcut option
    This will get an alarm clock in this app. Besides this, there will be a sleep timer and shortcut option for the apps. The user can listen to different FM radio stations in the world and get news through this application.


This app FM Radio Local Radio Station APK is best for the Android user who wants to listen to the FM radio. This app tunes with different FM radio stations in the world. And the user also gets the news from different countries of the world. This app provides other features to the user. This is a weight app for Android users and this app requires the internet to connect with the different FM radio stations.


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