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Name Moto Rider Bike Racing
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android Android 5.0
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If you are a bike racing game lover, this game Moto Rider Bike Racing apk is for you. This game has one of the best racing tracks.

The user will have global bike racing in the game. This game has different levels. The user must unlock the previous level to go to the next level. In this game, the user can customize his bike according to his needs.

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Concept of a game

This is a bike racing game in which the user has to win the bike racing. The user has to control the bike during the racing. The user also has to avoid any type of accident or collision with any other bike. Avoiding accidents by increasing the speed of the bike during the game. Different levels have different obstacles in the way of the bike. As the level increases in the game, the racing also becomes difficult. It is one of the best racing games for Android users. The user in this game can perform different kinds of tricks. This game provides different kinds of customization to the user to customize their bike. The user can also choose different kinds of levels present in this game. Each level is different from the other. Different level has different obstacles for the user of the game. The user has to reach the destination point in the game to win the game.

Graphics of the game

This game has wonderful 3d graphics. The scene in this feels real. This game looks very amazing to the user during the gameplay and provides one of the best scenes which looks amazing.

Pros and cons of this game

This is a wonderful game with great graphics. This game is one of the best entertainment for the user. The control of the bike in this game is fantastic. This game has 3d graphics which provides one of the best user experiences.

Cons of this game

One of the worst things about this game is the annoying ads that the user experiences during the gameplay. The user can use any kind of adblocker on the phone to stop the annoying ads of this game.

About this game

The version of the game

The version of this game is 1.72.

Size of the game

The apk file size of this game is 145 MB.

Android version requirement

The Android version requirement for this game is 5.1 and up.

Who developed this game?

This game is developed by Zego Studio.

Permission is required for this game.

The following permissions are required for this game.

  • Google Pay billing services.
  • Network access of the user
  • Network connections.
  • This application prevents the phone from sleeping.
  • Install referral API.
  • The application can view the lane connection.



If you love racing games, then this Moto Rider Bike Racing Apk is one of the best apps for racing. You can download this game and enjoy unlimited racing. You will have one of the best racing with 3d graphics. This game has different levels for the player. Each level is different from the other and has different kinds of obstacles. One of the drawbacks of this game is the annoying ads. You can use different kinds of ad blockers.


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