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Name My Talking Angela
Size 150 MB
Publisher Outfit7 Limited
Requires android Android 4.0 expand_more
android Android 4.0
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In this article, we will learn about Angela My Talking Angela APK. You will get complete information about this Android application. This application was developed by OutFit7 Limited. This application is the offshoot of the Talking Tom. It’s Debu was released in 2014. At that time this application got millions of users.

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Features and gameplay of this application

The concept of this application is to bring your virtual pet Angela to your mobile Android device. Now as a user, it is your duty to take care of Angela’s dress, fashion outfits, jewellery, and many more things. Now you have to take care and grow a cute kitten into a stylish kit. This application provides different customization options.
When a new Player installs the application. On the home screen, Angela greeted. The home screen has different features. The user can control different kinds of activities from the homepage of the application.

Activities and mini-games in My Talking Angela APK

This game is not only about Angela, but this game also contains more mini-games. The purpose of many games in this application is to make the game interesting for the user. When the user plays mini-games. Then the user gets coins. He can use these coins for different purposes like shopping for Angela, and buying different products for Angela. playing the mini-game is the only way to earn free coins in the game. If you do not want to play mini-games, then you cannot earn coins for Angela. Then you have to buy paid coins from your credit card. So playing a min game is a kind of opportunity for the users to collect coins. So I will always recommend you to play mini-games daily so that you can get free coins.

You can do different activities in the game to make this game more interesting. Like you can do cooking for the Angela. You can cook delicious meals for Angela and many more things.

Customization option in the game

In this game, you will get the customization option. With this option, you will be able to customize different things in the game.

My Talking Angela APK (Dress customization)

You can choose different dresses for the Angela. You can change her dress. You can make different styles for her. There are many elegant dresses present in the game. You can select any one of them according to your choice.
home decoration
The user also gets the customization option for home decoration of the Angela. You can bring changes to the Angela’s home. You can create a unique kind of space in the home. It is all about your creativity, that is how you decorate your home of the Angela.

Different kinds of rewards and achievements

In this game will get the option to get different kinds of rewards and achievements, by just completing different kinds of tasks. When you complete that task, then in reward you get points. You also get different kinds of outfits and accessories, and you become able to unlock different kinds of items, which you can use later for different purposes.

Parent control option

This game also provides a feature through which users can control the online activity of their child or children. You can also restrict control of activities and videos for your children. This is one of the best features of this application because you will be able to control the online activity of your children. Nowadays web activities are not safe for children. They must be strictly monitored by the parents or the guardian.


MY Talking Angela APK is one of the best Android applications, especially for children. They can use the application for entertainment purposes. This application provides different kinds of features to the user to make this game interesting. Users in this game can do different kinds of customization according to their needs. The user can customization of the Angela home. He can cook different delicious meals for Angela. The user can attend the different daily activities to earn coins from the game. Then later he can use these coins to get and buy different items in the game. This game is fun.

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