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android Android 5.0 and up
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My Talking Dog 2 APK is a virtual pet dog Android game. When you download and install the game on your Android phone. You can play with this virtual dog. This dog interacts with human beings. It will copy your voice, and do different kinds of activities which is very interesting for the user of this game. This game is designed for kids. They like this game very much. The concept of this game has been developed from my talking dog 1. This game is developed by Peaksels Games, and my talking talk to APK is one of their product.

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Features of My Talking Dog 2 APK

Talk to Charlie

You can talk to a funny virtual dog in the game. He will respond to you. He will do mimicry of you. The dog produces interesting and funny voices which is very captivating for the user. In whatever way you speak to this virtual dog. He will copy your agent and will respond to you in the same way. This is one of the best features of this application. Children like this picture because it is very funny to them.


In this application, other than Charlie, the user will have additional mini-games. These games are very interesting. You can collect and win coins when you play these mini-games. In the end, you will earn a reward from these mini-games. You can later use these coins to buy different items like clothes for the dog, food for the dog, and other things you want to buy for the virtual dog Charlie. These mini-games also play a very important role in making My Talking Dog 2 interesting for the user.

Feeding Charlie

When you play this game, you have to take care of Charlie’s food. You have to feed him on the time. Now it is your responsibility to take care of Charlie’s dining timetable. When Charlie feels hungry. You have to feed him.

Health energy

This game provides a healthy energy option for the virtual dog. It indicates and checks the health status of your dog. When you are dog has low health then you have to feed him healthy proteins which you can get in the game. Then you have to feed that. You can also get that by watching advertisements, and in the reward you will get healthy energy and protein. You can also buy that with the help of coins if you have enough coins and are able to purchase health energy or health proteins.

Brush Charli teeth

In this game, you can also brush the teeth of Charlie in this virtual game talking dog APK. You can daily brush his teeth and take care of his oral hygiene.

Selfie mode

This game provides a feature that you can check selfish with this virtual dog Charlie. You can also share this pic on your social media with your friends and family members.

Levels in the game

This game has different levels. When you initially download and install the game. You have to start from the level 1. As you play more the game your levels start increasing. When you go to the upper level in this game. Then you will be able to unlock different kinds of items in this game which will be not available for you in the beginner levels. As you increase your level in the game, your puppy in this game becomes a bigger and more beautiful one.

Dresses for Charlie

And this game, you can select different kinds of clothes and styles for your virtual pets. You can choose other dresses for him. You can make him stylish.


My Talking Dog 2 APK is one of the best games for entertainment purposes. This game is best for kids. Download and install this application on your Android phone. provides safe and secure care for the users. If you have any problem, let us know. We will solve your problem. Enjoy your time with this wonderful game.

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