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Name My Talking Tom Friends
Size 137 MB
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android Android 5.0
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My talking Tom friends APK is ready to download. You can install it on your Android device. This game is developed by OutFit7. In this game, you will find all the friends talking to Tom in one place. This game is totally fun. You can enjoy each character in this Android game.

About this game

This game is the product of OutFit7 Limited. OutFit7 Limited is a famous company for developing games, especially like My Talking Tom, and other games. This game is also the product of their company.

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Review of the game

This game has a 4.3 rating on the Google Play store. It means that a lot of users like this game. So that’s why this game has a 4.3 rating on the Google Play store. The rating of the game shows how much users are interested in this game. If a game has a high rating, then it means the users are interested in the game. If a game has a low rating, then it means that users are not interested in this game.

Number of downloads

This game has more than 500 million downloads on the Google Play store platform. 500 million are only Google Play store downloads. This game also has downloads on the Apple store.

Concept of the game

In this game, the user will get Tom, Angela, Ginger, Ben, Hank and Becca. These all characters make this game fun and entertaining. These all characters are the favorites of the children. They like such games very much.

Different activities in the game

In this game, the user can do different activities, like feeding, sports activities, playing mini-games, and collecting coins. Also, users can make teams of virtual pets, manage and customize other objects, style the pets, and buy different products for them. This game also has mini-games, which do not let the user to bored. This game is totally fun. You can download and install this game for your child or children.

We hope they will enjoy this game very much. As I said earlier, the user has to take care of the virtual pets in this game. The user has to feed them on time. The user can make different teams and can do sports activities. The user in this game can collect coins. He can use these coins for various purposes. The user can buy different objects with the help of coins. This game also provides different kinds of rewards to the user.

Different characters in the game

The characters in this game are very interesting to the user. These characters are the favorite of the children. Because the characters in this game are very funny and exciting to the children. When the user gets all these characters in one place, then the game is going to be very interesting for the user. We hope you like this game. And tell us in the comment which character is your favorite one.


My Talking Tom Friends APK is a wonderful Android game for users. This is a very good game for any age of people. You can easily download and on your phone. This will not consume a lot of RAM and storage on your phone. This is a simple child game with interesting characters. For the official site of this game visit: the Google Play store. If you want to download the APK file of this game. You can download it from our website. You can download this game free of cost from our website

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