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Name Need for Speed no Limits
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android Android 5.0
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Need for Speed no Limits Apk is one of the favorite games of the user for car racing. This game provides one of the best thrilling moments to the user. The user can do basic customization in the game and other features of the game are best. In this game, the user can experience the high-speed night mode with other kinds of gifts and rewards. The user will get cars like BMW, McLaren, and other sports cars in this game with fantastic 3d graphics and underground tracks for racing. Not only this, but the game also provides a customization option for the car. The user can customize the car for racing purposes and can also enhance the control of the car for racing. The user can select different kinds of colors for the car. Become the master of this game by practicing more. Level up your driving with this game like the real world. Enjoy a nitro boost in the game with amazing speed. Users can enjoy different kinds of top cars like Lamborghini, McLaren, Bugatti, and other types of luxurious cars. During the game, the user will have racing competitors.

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Faqs for this game

Is this game free of cost available to play?
Yes, this game is free and available to play. You can download this game and install it on your Android device and can enjoy unlimited car racing games on your Android phone.

Is this an online or offline game?
This is an online game which means that the user will need an internet connection during the gameplay. If you do not have any kind of internet. Then you will be not able to play this game. This required a good internet connection.

Has this game crashed or closed unexpectedly?
In the old devices, this problem occurred but with the new devices and good phone specs, this problem is sorted out. If you have a good Android device with good specs. Then you will not face such kind of issues. And also the bugs of this game are fixed for closing unexpectedly. If your device’s RAM is not enough, you may experience this kind of issue. So for this purpose, you need to have sufficient RAM on your device to play this game. If you have applications like Facebook Instagram and Snapchat then you have to close all other applications in the background of your phone and then run this game. This trick will help you with this kind of error.

Restart your phone
If you are facing issues with this game on your Android device then restart your device for the proper functioning and running of this game.

Uninstalling the game
If you are facing issues with this game. Then you can uninstall this game and again install it will also help your problem.


Need for Speed no Limits Apk is one of the best racing games for Android users. This is an online game that requires an internet connection to play on an Android device. This game contains different kinds of car collections like Lamborghini, McLaren, Bugatti, and other such kind of elite and luxurious cars. The cars in this game are also customizable. The user can select different colors for the car. Users will have one of the best 3d graphics scenes in this game. The tracks in this game are underground for racing purposes. It gives one of the best experiences and entertainment to the user. This application requires a little bit of high RAM. If you are facing a problem with this game then you can close all other unnecessary applications running in the background of the phone and then start this game. Overall this is one of the good games for the racing purpose.


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