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Introduction to poqe APK

In the world of social media, there are many apps which is used for communication which turn the world into a global village. It is all due to progress in technology and regarding the social media apps where the users can communicate with each other apart far from 1000 km. In the world of social media apps, there is a new concept of communication called the poqe Apk. The main purpose of this app is video communication for the users.  In this application, there are different features available for the users, but the main feature of this application is video chat communication. The user can do live video chat with the help of the application. This application requires an internet connection for the video chat. Then the users are free to communicate via video chat with each other without any limits or restrictions.

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Features of this application poqe Apk

  • Privacy and Security
  • Authentic Connections
  • Creative Expression
  • Community Engagement
  • Ethical Innovation

Privacy and Security

Nowadays privacy is one of the main concerns of users while using different social media platforms. So in this regard, this application provides one of the best privacy and security features for the user. This application provides a robust encryption protocol where the user data is protected and no one can reach to the data of the users.  This application also provides granular privacy settings for user control. The user of this application does not have to worry about privacy and security while using this application. Because the user data is already being encrypted.

Authentic connection

This application provides different discussion groups for the users. The primary purpose is to maintain the user interest and related group discussion for the user and to maintain the organic connection between the users.

Creative expression

This application provides different tools to the user for the photo and video editing purposes. It is one of the best features of this application because the user can easily edit photos and videos in this application.

Community support

This application has a vast community. All community members participate in the group discussion for support and any problems. If any user faces an issue regarding this application then the community is there to help out and sort out that issue.

Ethical innovation

This is a wonderful social media application for the users and this application provides safety and securities to the user data. And sort out any problem of the user.

Data collection in this application

This application Poqe Apk collects various data like the name of the user email of the user, and other information of the user. This application also collects data on the phone, IP address, and more. Data collection in this application is completely encrypted the user can trust on this application that their data will not be exposed to any third party for any purpose. The user can trust this application regarding the collection of the data and privacy of the user.

Permission required for this application.

This application requires a certain kind of permissions from the user like camera, mike, storage of the phone, and other permissions.


This application Poqe Apk is a social media app invented for the communication purpose of video chat. In this application, the user can video chat with friends and family members. This application also provides photo and video editing tools to the user, where they can edit their photos and videos.  This application provides all the essential features to the user: like the privacy and security of the user. The data in this application is completely encrypted. And that data is securely deleted. This application collects the data like name and email address of the user and other necessary information about the user’s device. This application has a vast community where the users interact with each other for the problems and other issues.







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