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android Android 5.0
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Talking Tom Gold Run APK is a safe and secure Android application game. You can download this application from This is a 3D endless running game. The concept of this game is similar to Subway Surfers. You will almost find every feature of this game similar to Subway Surfers. Additionally, you can find talking Tom like other characters in this game. You have to run as fast as possible, and you have to run endlessly without stopping anywhere.

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This game is full of obstacles that create hurdles for the player while running. When you start running, your points also start increasing. As you run more, you will get more points. With that, you can also get different kinds of bonuses from the game which also help you to increase your points and also help you to run as far as possible.

How to control the character in the Talking Tom Gold Run APK?

The user of this game can control the character with the help of fingers swiping on the screen of the mobile. When you want to turn the character to the left, swipe your finger to the left on the screen of the mobile. When you want to turn the character to the right. Swipe your finger to the right on the screen of your mobile. You can also do the jumping with the help of a finger by tapping on the mobile screen.

How to get different rewards in this game?

You can get different rewards in this game, by playing mini-games on a daily basis. You can also get rewards in this game by completing different tasks.

Play with friends and family members

The user can play this game with friends and other family members. The user can also share the statistics of his game on social media. The user can also invite other users on social media to play this game with them.

How to master this game Talking Tom Gold Run APK?

Suppose you want to become a pro player in this game. Then you have to play this game daily. By practicing daily this game, the user will build muscle memory to control the character in the game. The user can also learn different techniques of this game to make the highest possible score. The user can use different combinations of tools to boost the gameplay. You can also learn the techniques of this game on YouTube.

Graphics of this game

This game has one of the best graphics. There are different scenes in this game that look realistic. This game fascinates the user a lot.


Talking Tom Golden Run APK is an endless running game like Subway Surfers. The user will get a lot of features like Subway surfers. But the characters in this game are different. The user will have a tomcat in this game. And other similar characters like the friends of Tom Cat. The user can enjoy unlimited running in this game with a lot of rewards provided by the game. The user can unlock different kinds of rewards by completing daily activities of the game. When a user plays the game, with the passage of time, his level increases. When a player starts playing the game, the character in the game runs slow, with fewer obstacles in the game, when he covers a distance. The character runs fast, with a lot of obstacles in the way of the character which makes the gameplay difficult for the player.

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