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TechCalc scientific calculator Apk is an Android application for the user. It is developed for the students. This calculator can be used anywhere like in schools, universities, and by professionals. With the help of this application, the user can solve any type of calculation. This Calculator has numerous features for solving different types of questions. This calculator can solve graphs, calculus, equations, algebraic equations, geometry equations, and much more.

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Features of this application

  • Basic calculator
  • Scientific calculator
  • 64-bit programmers calculator
  • Graphs
  • Matrices
  • Complex numbers

Basic calculator
This calculator can perform the function like any basic calculator. The user can do simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. This app is best for simple operations.

Scientific calculator
The app also operates like a scientific calculator. It even performs more operations than a scientific calculator. This Android calculator has the full capacity to perform all the physical scientific calculator operations.

64 bit programner calculator
This app also performs all the functions of a 64-bit programmer calculator. It is one of the most powerful Android calculators.

This app calculator also operates for solving graph operations Like functions, implicit equations, parametric equations, and others.

This app calculator can also perform the matrices for the user. If you want to solve the matrices with this app. Then this app is one of the best choices for the user to solve the matrices.

Complex numbers
This calculator has also the ability to solve complex numbers for users.

Additional features of this application

  • Quick formula
  • Calculus
  • Financial
  • All trigonometry operation
  • Log and anti-log
  • Factorial, modulus
  • HCG
  • Fraction mode


This app TechCalc Scientific Calculator Apk is one of the best Android apps for the user who wants to use it as a calculator. This app will provide all the functions of a calculator for the user. From simple to advanced operation, this app can solve any kind of questions and equations.

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