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What is Vani dialer APK?

Vani dialer is an application that is developed to answer incoming calls without touching the screen of the phone. With the help of this application, the user can control the incoming call on the phone with the help of voice.

This application claims that it is the only application in the world through which the user can respond to your incoming call with the voice without touching the phone screen.

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In this article, we will provide the complete information about this application, and we will also provide the information related to the reviews present on the Google Play store regarding this application.

According to this application, when the user says hello to the incoming call. Then such a call will be accepted by the user.

If the user says no to an incoming call. Then such incoming calls will be declined for the user of this application.

If the user says speaker while an incoming call is ringing on the phone, then such  call will be accepted on the speaker of the phone.

Customization of the words

The user can also customize the words for the acceptance and decline of the call.

What are the advantages of using this application?

One of the main advantages of using this application Vani dialer APK is to answer the call without touching the phone. This application is very helpful when the user is busy or driving the car or he is in a such condition that cannot touch the phone. In such cases, this application is very helpful for the user. This application will accept the call or decline the call with the voice command of the user.

This application is capable of calling the name of the caller and can recognize the voice for choosing to answer the call or reject the call.


Features of this application

  1. Add new contacts easily
  2. Beautiful dialer
  3. One tap call to your favorite one on the list
  4. Fast T9 search
  5. Dual language support
  6. Modern theme
  7. Clean navigation
  8. Dual sim support

With the help of this application, Vani dialer APK new contacts can be easily added to the phone with one-touch functionality present in this application. By installing this application, the user will have a beautiful dialer on the phone. If the user wants to call someone, with just one click a can call anybody in the list of the contact. This application supports multiple languages. You can opt for any language for your personal use. This application has different kinds of themes. The user can select any theme according to the choice. This application has very clean and easy navigation. Anybody can use the application very easily. This application supports dual sim functionality. If the user has two sims in the phone, then this application will work for both sims.

Reviews on the Google Play store

This application has a 4.5  rating on the Google Play store. However, a few of the users were not happy with the functionality of this application. According to them, there are some bugs in this application, or it is not working properly.


This app Vani dialer APK is a phone dialler and phone receiver application. With the help of this application, the user can receive, reject, or attend the call on the speaker of the phone. The main feature of this application is to answer the call without touching the phone. The user can say a few words or commands through which the application accepts or rejects the call. This application has an option that is used for customizing the words or commands for the application. With the help of this application, the user can call anybody with one touch on the dialing pad of the phone. With the help of this application, the user can save any contact with just a few clicks.


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